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Webinar: An Anatomy of a Storm
posted Wednesday June 27, 2018
9:08 am
by SWG Webmaster

In case you were unable to attend or want to watch it again, use the link to view our latest webinar, "An Anatomy of a Storm" presented by past fellowship award recipient and current member, Stephanie Zick. Stephanie is an assistant professor of meteorology at Virginia Tech. She utilizes geospatial and spatiotemporal methods to better understand hurricane dynamics and structure.

Since the first weather satellite pictures returned images of hurricane eyewalls and swirling spiral clouds, hurricanes have inspired a sense of wonder in meteorologists and weather enthusiasts alike. But beyond the visual intrigue, the spatial structure and organization of clouds and rain offer important insights into the energetics that fuel these storms. Hurricane researcher Stephanie Zick, a professor in Virginia Tech’s Department of Geography, harnesses the intimate link between the anatomy of a hurricane and its physiology, or the physical mechanisms that fuel the storm. Zick’s research build on the idea that the shape and intensity of clouds and precipitation are not only useful in discerning the current storm intensity but also provide key information about the robustness of the storm’s working parts and, thus, are critical to improved forecasts of the rain, wind, and storm surges that impact coastal and inland communities when these storms make landfall.

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