Past Exhibits
Scotland's Stone Circles By The Sea
posted Tuesday November 1, 2011
by SWG Webmaster
Helen F. H. Smith's photographs from mainland Orkney and the Outer Hebrides capture major Neolithic stone circles on Scotland's far flung north islands, along with glimpses of today. Some say these monuments are "the places where ...
Tibetan Sketches
posted Monday November 1, 2010
by Webmaster
This is an unusual exhibit by two members who were allowed into Tibet in the early 1980s, before modernization and the development of tourism. The drawings in watercolor and ink by Elisabeth (Ben) Booz were done ...
Head Hunting Revisited: Photographs of Samoa and Papua New Guinea
Michele Benoy-Westmorland and Karen Huntt November 15, 2008 to June, 2009
posted Saturday November 1, 2008
by SWG Webmaster
In the Spring of 2005, Michele Benoy-Westmorland, travel photographer and diver, and Karen Huntt, a documentary photographer and photo editor, carried the SWG flag to Papua New Guinea and The Solomon Islands, for their project "Headhunt ...
Journey to India
Photographs by Richard Kennedy with Becky Gray and Katelin Kennedy
posted Monday September 1, 2008
by SWG Webmaster
September 13 – November 4, 2008 In the late 1960s, Richard Kennedy spent two years in India as a young Peace Corps Volunteer. Forty years later he returned to the country and village that had reshaped ...
Daring Dames: A Century of Photographs of Adventurous Women 1860-1960
Curated by Daile Kaplan and Donna Henes, November 3, 2007 through June 4 2008
posted Thursday November 1, 2007
by SWG Webmaster
The Society of Women Geographers is proud to present a fascinating exhibition of photographs depicting women who have broken through the limitations of social convention to explore and conquer newrealms–geographic, physical, mental and metaphoric. These rare ...

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