Criteria for Membership

The five criteria upon which membership is based are:

  1. Demonstrated expertise in a geographic region or in a physical, cultural, or topical aspect of the world.
  2. Research and/or field activities in a particular discipline.
  3. Evidence of a permanent impact in a field of work, a publication or production, in a permanent form, as a record of her work, thus adding to the world's store of knowledge.
  4. Contributions to the spread of knowledge in geography and related fields.
  5. Travel to study, research, or carry out other activities consistent with her regional or topical interests.

Candidates for membership are reviewed by our Board of Directors at four meetings during the year.

Members will have fulfilled at least three of the above criteria; Associate members will have fulfilled at least two.

Student Membership is for women who are full- or part-time students at accredited colleges or universities with a demonstrated interest in geography or a related field.

Generally, a prospective member is nominated by two current members, but self-nomination, combined with an interview, is also an option. To find a group or a member near you, please contact us.


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