How to Nominate New Members

Women are nominated for SWG membership by current members; the process can be initiated through the SWG headquarters (for self-nominees) or directly (by applicant's and members' own contacts).

The nomination procedure for regular members is:

  1. The Application Form is to be completed by the nominee and forwarded to the Proposer (an SWG member) OR to the SWG office. (NOTE: It is important that the biographical data be as complete as possible, since it becomes part of SWG's permanent record if the applicant is elected to membership.)
  2. The member proposing the SWG candidate completes the Proposer Form and forwards the application package (the Application Form and her Proposer Form) to headquarters OR
  3. The headquarters office finds an appropriate Proposer for the applicant who reviews the application and then interviews the candidate by phone or in person and completes the Proposer Form (as above).
    Proposer reviews the Application Form to ensure that the applicant has provided complete information about her accomplishments and travel. The Proposer should write about any of the applicant's interests and activities not emphasized in the application itself. Knowing the applicant personally is helpful, but not necessary if the Proposer is familiar with her published works and other professional accomplishments.
  4. The application is reviewed by the SWG Board of Directors.
  5. Upon election, the nominee will receive an invitation to join the Society. The Proposer will also receive a copy of the invitation letter.

The nomination process for student members is:

  1. Student applicants complete the Student Application Form, which should include
    • a statement and signature by her academic sponsor and
    • a statement and signature by her SWG Liaison (if different from her academic sponsor).
  2. The SWG Liaison forwards the application to Headquarters
  3. As above; the application is reviewed by the SWG Board of Directors and, if approved by the Board, the applicant is invited to join the Society.

Membership Application Forms

The Application Form is designed to gather information on a candidate's qualifications. This form becomes a part of the permanent record of members that eventually will be sent to the Library of Congress. Applicants and proposers are urged to make sure that the forms are completed with this historical record in mind. Acronyms should be spelled out the first time they are used and specific dates of travel (i.e. "8/93-6/94," not "93/94") should be provided. A brief curriculum vitae (up to four pages) may be attached to the form and referenced when relevant.

Candidates who complete the form electronically are requested to print out and sign a hard copy to submit with the completed package.

 SWG Application - Fillable Form

  SWG Application - Printable Form

  SWG Membership - Proposer Form

 Instructions for Proposing New Members

 SWG Student Application

 Instructions for Student Applications





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