Applying for SWG Membership

There are three ways to be considered for election to SWG:

  1. Generally, prospective members are proposed by a current member in good standing. 
  2. Alternatively, a prospective member may nominate herself by completing and submitting the Biographical Data Form to SWG and the Executive Director will arrange an interview for the applicant with a current member.
  3. Student applicants may be proposed by an SWG member (who will serve as her liaison) or may self-nominate.

Applications may be submitted at any time for review by the SWG Board of Directors.

See page for How to Nominate New Members and for application forms.

Notes on Student Membership Applications

The sponsor's evaluation section should be completed by a faculty member familiar with the student's work and the form signed by her/him. If the sponsor is a member of SWG, she should also complete the section on liaison and forward the form, with these two signatures, to SWG headquarters, 415 E. Capitol St. SE, Washington, DC 20003.

If the sponsor is not a member of SWG then the applicant should also find an SWG member to serve as a liaison. That person may be any SWG member who knows the applicant. For help with this, SWG can provide names of members who may appropriately serve as liaison — women who may be in similar academic fields and may be able to add another perspective to the student's research and career planning.

With these two (or three) signatures (a faculty member, an SWG liaison, and the applicant) the form should be sent to SWG headquarters.

All applications are reviewed by the Board of Directors.

Upon election, applicants receive an invitation to join the Society.

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