Awards & Honors

The Gold Medal

The Gold Medal: Established: 1941
Designed by: Lucille Sinclair Douglass, sculptor
Represents: Winged Victory standing upon the arc of the world.

The Society's highest honor is awarded to a member whose original, innovative, or pioneering contributions are of major significance in understanding the world's cultures and environment.

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2014 Gold Medal Recipient

Dr. Rebecca Lee Lok-Sze
Award received for her physical exploration of the three Polar Regions - the Arctic, Antarctica, and Mount Everest - to bear scientific witness to warming at the earth's extremes and raise awareness of the global implications for sea levels and climate. Last year, Lee established a museum dedicated to climate change - the first of its kind in Hong Kong and possibly anywhere in the world.


Outstanding Achievement Award

Established: 1978
Design: Personalized certificate with the SWG seal.

This honor is awarded to a member who has made an outstanding contribution or service of lasting benefit to Science, the Arts, or Humanity.

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2011 Outstanding Achievement Award Recipients

Mary Crowley
Identified and brought to the public's attention the floating island of plastic in the North Pacific Gyre. She started an organization and raised funds to combat the problem and enlisted the help of other scientific organizations and local fishermen to collect the plastic and arranged for its being recycled.

Dr. Helen Kennedy
Specialized in the plant family Marantaceae, known as prayer plants, in fast disappearing rain forests all over the world and possibly introduced them for cultivation, thus saving them from extinction.

Dr. Elizabeth White
Spearheading the heroic rescue of a fellow climber on Makalu II in 1980 and for her contributions to fostering understanding of the Islamic World and particularly her help to women in Pakistan and Afganistan.

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