Past Exhibits
Daring Dames: A Century of Photographs of Adventurous Women 1860-1960
Curated by Daile Kaplan and Donna Henes, November 3, 2007 through June 4 2008
posted Thursday November 1, 2007
by SWG Webmaster

The Society of Women Geographers is proud to present a fascinating exhibition of photographs depicting women who have broken through the limitations of social convention to explore and conquer new
realms–geographic, physical, mental and metaphoric. These rare photographs highlight women in different eras who have demonstrated curiosity about the larger world and have, through their daring, transformed the perception of acceptable roles for women.

SWG New York members Daile Kaplan and Donna Henes curated a show that focuses on women who have demonstrated curiosity about the world and have been resourceful in getting around in it. These women have pushed boundaries both physically and socially, and have shown mastery of skills not usually associated with female achievements. The images, drawn from the curators’ unique photographic archive, feature active women: adventurers, entertainers, artists, amazons, marksmen, baseball players, bullfighters, lion tamers, suffragettes, pilots, and spies among other vocations.

These never-before-seen pictures are not only accessible and entertaining, but they are also historically important records of women’s achievements and female identity.

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