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Ongoing coverage of Arlene Blum's battle to stop the avalanche of toxic chemicals used in furniture
posted Thursday May 30, 2013
by SWG Webmaster

Arlene Blum continues to make the headlines in her battle to prevent the continued use of toxic chemicals as flame retardants that are commonly found in American couches, as a result of ineffective fire safety standards. Her recent efforts build on her work in the 1970's, when her research led to Tris, a cancer causing flame retardant, being removed from children's pajamas. In between, she led expeditions to some of the world's toughest and most dangerous mountains, including the first the first American — and all-women's — ascent of Annapurna I. However, she has found that these do not compare with the challenge of stopping the avalanche of harmful and ineffective flame retardants.

Recent coverage includes:

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