Deborah Atwood summiting Mt.
Kilimanjaro, 2009
Kathryn Sullivan carries
SWG flag into space, 1984
Laurie Marker with Chewbacca,
Namibia, 2005
Amelia Earhart strides past her
Lockheed Electra
Margaretta Hopkins, Africa,
Trudy Suchan at the Great Wall
of China, 2009
Surjit Mansingh along the Southern
Silk Road, 2010
Eugenie Clark, 120 ft. underwater,
Izu Peninsula, Japan, 1982
Freya Stark, explorer
Ann Hawthorne, Southern Ross Sea,
Antarctica, 2003
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  • We are women drawn together by our passion for learning and adventure. Our members come from diverse disciplines, recognized in the sciences, arts, exploration, journalism, and even espionage. We have been to outer space, to the ocean floors, the tops of mountains, and to the Poles of the earth. Our mission is to add to the world's knowledge, and to support other women who do.